Re: [kind of off-topic]

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 01/18/98

Arnold Santayana wrote:

> an idea memory & hard drive space i should have to keep adding and

32 megs RAM (At LEAST) 256k CPU cache 3 gig HD space

> problems. I'm currently running 24 meg memory and about 1 gig hard drive
> space machine with WIN95 as the base O/S.  I've also got a bunch of other
> stuff on the computer besides the mud.. I was just wondering if this was
> your machine what would you upgrade it to?

First, I would remove the 100+ meg virus (windows)

> trying to better his machine in hopes to turn it into a server one day,

A server? For you, or for more people than you? If for you, windows will work,
but I would get NT rather than 95. If for multiple people..... again, get
Linux (or NT if you must). If you havent heard of Jolt, Land, SSPING,
OOB(nuke), and all the other ways of bringing down a WinServer (this includes
the F0 bug) remember this: Redhat Linux has fewer bugs than BSD which has
fewer bugs than Windows. Redhat 4.2 is easier to run a Circ on (no complaints
for Redhat 4.2 so far!) than Redhat 5.0. Look at: for more information on downloading Redhat 4.2


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