Re: SPCC & Guild of Implementors

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 01/19/98

I do just want to comment about this particular thread. Personally, I view
it as a suggestion slightly higher than the previous guild of CircleMUDs.
I oppose the concept of badmouthing stock CircleMUDs... after all,
everyone starts somewhere. And then after time, they either go

Or they stagnate and lose players.

If this guild was formed, I wouldn't join it. Why? It's my independant
nature. I don't need no damned guild membership to prove that my MUD has a hell
of a lot of original code. A simple "diff circle/src stk/src > changes;ls
-s changes" and the knowledge that about 3 zones from stock still exist is
enough for me. And as far as the players go, they log on, and they KNOW it
as well. Especially with the changes I've had planned for quite some time,
like the EoD/ROM-like skill selection at creation. When that finally gets
done most people wont even think its a CircleMUD when they first log in.
And I get about 2-4 new players from my MUD Connector listing who dont
self-delete... and this is while fighting code is broken.

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On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Chuck Reed wrote:

> I think this Guild of Imps is a good idea minus the "badmouthing" of muds
> part.  There would be nothing wrong with giving out a list of "originaly
> coded" muds, but saying someone's mud is "unoriginal" and posting it all
> over the net is just a bit rude IMHO.  It is the only counter productive
> thing I can see about it however, it sounds like a good idea to work on.
> Chuck Reed
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