Re: [NEWBIE] Adequate book for learning C? [Off top

From: Sean Butler (sbutler@DEVEAST.COM)
Date: 01/26/98

>I found a book at a yard sale called "The Waite Group's C Programming Using
>Turbo C++" and was wondering if it was a good enough book to learn C with >to
code.  I'm having a slight problem with the bookstore in town ordering
>Learning C (by Kernigan & Ritchie). They keep selling it after I order it.

Heh, does that give you an indication of its quality and popularity? :-P

I have been working on an upgrade to the tintin++ mud client. Largely this
means I have added a MudMaster compatible chat command set.  (You can
create socket connections with other clients and chat even when the mud
goes down)  Also, I fixed many many bugs.  This is a unix client and
I am not sure about complete portability.  If there is interest I will
post an address where it can be ftped.

Has anyone made a modification of circle to use threads?  What advantages
do you think they would give?  What disadvantages?  Would performance
increase or decrease?  What areas of the mud would be best benefited from
them and why?

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