Re: A-Desc

From: d. hall (dhall@APK.NET)
Date: 01/29/98

// thus on Thu, 29 Jan 1998 10:22:20 -0700, John virtually wrote:

> The problem with the way it is now is that there is only one A-desc. From
> the way that I've been doing things you need three. One for TO_CHAR, one
> for TO_VICT and one for TO_NOTVICT. Of course, the TO_VICT would be
> skipped if ch == vict. That way you can have proper A-descs for wands,
> scrolls and other items that can be targeted on others.

> I've been thinking about doing this, but am kind of concerned about
> memory usage. After all... I'd be adding two more strings onto each obj.,
> and not all objs would even use those.

You can always use extra desc's, there're already in the game.

Prefixing a EDESC with a special char opens objects up to a whole slew of

name: #TO_CHAR
string: You open the bag.

name: #TO_ROOM
string: $n opens a bag.


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