Re: buffer overflow

From: William Long (bill@LONGBOYZ.EROLS.COM)
Date: 01/31/98

the overflow is because the mud is sending the input to your xterm window
too fast for it to handle it. i was getting the same errors, just to check
i quit out of X, to the shell prompt and did it again. it worked fine.
not real sure how to fix the problem tho.  if you are looking for a way to
get a full list of all the objects on your mud, just put in a real quick
few lines of code in the olist func to open a file and print the same line
you print to the screen to that file.


Son of Ra, Brother of Poseidon

On Sat, 31 Jan 1998, Michael J. Fara wrote:

> Anyone have a problem where if you execute certain commands that increase
> the buffer size you get an overflow? For example:
> 500hp 100mp 82mv > olist 0 10000
> (361 listings appear here)
>   362. [ 5208] a sturdy iron shield
>   363. [ 5210] a black potion
>   364. [ 5211] an orange potion
>   365. [ 5213] a green serpentine staff
>   366. [ 5214] a smooth quartz ball
> It would seem the buffer size then increases unreasonably high. I know EBAS
> might get rid of this but I have trouble running it on my system, and the
> server often crashes with it installed. Does anyone have any
> recommendations?
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