Re: Max stats.

From: Axiem (
Date: 02/11/00

> If i want the max str/int/wis/dex/con to be 250 how do i do... i've tried some ways but i can't get it working i guess i need to change some data types to short or something like that.. please i need help.

*decides not to flame for asking for code*
Well, you'd need to change the variable type, to be sure. And you may
have to go through and change the % things (forget name offhand) through
out the code when it deals with the stats. Oh, and you have to go
through the code and change the stuff where it sets limits up. Plus
probably more than I can think of. This  is a major overhaul type of
thing methinks :P (Although I'm going to have to do it to boost my
limits up to perhaps 25 or 30..can't quite decide yet)


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