Doing away with classes/levels (skill based mud)

From: Dan Merillat (
Date: 02/24/00

I hunted through the archives and found a few refrences to patches
(that don't exist on the FTP site), but mostly, everything is strongly
linked to class/level

I've never seen a levelless mud, so I'm going to assume that nobody has
tried it.  (I won't either, for the moment)  However, in order to make
a skill-based game, skills have to be learned 'in use', so to speak.

So, ideas for formulas for learning?  (I'm not asking for code, just some ideas)

right now I'm going with the practice with guildmaster to 25%, then get a percent chance
of learning based on int (wis?) and the frequency it's used (fighting skills get
used more, so they go up less often then things like pick locks)

Also, anyone done combat with sword skills/dodge skills?  I'd be interested
in your thoughts.  (Didn't see anything like that on snippets)


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