Re: Doing away with classes/levels (skill based mud)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/25/00

> I've never seen a levelless mud, so I'm going to assume that nobody has
> tried it.  (I won't either, for the moment)  However, in order to make a
> skill-based game, skills have to be learned 'in use', so to speak.

        Well, there are a few out there, quite a few actually.  For some
reason I'm still not sure on though, many of them are 100% PK.  Probably
because for the most part removal of levels and classes for most code
bases means unless you put in your own restriction system, people end up
with all the skills for all classes at 100% (which i've seen alot).  This
causes PK, cause the mobs are now pointless to fight, the only challenge
is players.

> So, ideas for formulas for learning?  (I'm not asking for code, just
> some ideas)

        Well, we're switching from a standard circle-type
class/skill/level system, to a classless system of my own design.  It's
purpose is actually to cause limits; we have an out-of-control remort
system, and many individuals see no issues with every character having the
same set of skills(all of them).

        First, each skill has it's own difficulty to learn, max practice,
and max learn (perhaps magic one-time use items can alter these).  They
also have a proficiency group, a proficiency level, and prerequisite
skills/spells.  Basically, you get enough proficiency points to purchase a
set number of groups equal to about a class*1.5 # of skills.

        I think if you scan the archives, i've talked more at length about
this subject, so I'll save some people and not repeat it. Soon as I'm done
beta testing, I'll post; until then you can see the pre-classless mud at port 4001.

> Also, anyone done combat with sword skills/dodge skills?  I'd be
> interested in your thoughts.  (Didn't see anything like that on
> snippets)

        I Put in weapon + armor types as weapon groups, like
short/thrusting weapons, blunt, 1 handed swords, 2 handed swords,
polearms, etc. Each group is filled with proficiency groups which
corespond to an exact weapon type; scimitar, long sword, short sword,
mace, flail, etc.  Your proficiency level in the weapon determines the max
# of attacks you can deal in a round (weapon speed modifier if we ever go
turnless combat), and the skill determines bonus/detraction to thac0.

        Same for armor types, cloth, leather/hide, chain, etc.  Prof level
though determines the number of avoidance/parry sort of manuvers you have
a chance at making (usually any given skill only 'works' one in 20 times,
so if you have prof level 4, you have a 20% chance to get at least one of
them in a round.)  Skill then, increases/decreases the effective ac.

        So far it seems to work pretty good.


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