Possible `D&D-MUD' release and Off-Topic Visual Basic

From: Tony Robbins (robbinsw@ucs.orst.edu)
Date: 02/25/00

Hey all, first for the D&D-MUD reference:

I'm going to go ahead and modify CircleMUD in a release for a direct
Dungeons and Dragons gameplay where the DM goes ahead and sets up the
situation ahead of time and then the game is played multiplayer for the
duration of that quest.  I'm doing it because we tried to play Shadowrun
here the other day and our GM was ...pathetic.  If anybody's interested in
helping on cutting out some of the stuff (zone repops, for instance) and
adding in some stuff (there needs to be good scripting), e-mail me directly.

Ok, and now for my cheap little offtopic:

If anybody's interested in a new, boxed copy of Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise
and/or the Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ (both are the latest versions),
drop me an e-mail (if you're in the U.S.).  I won them in a drawing, and
have no need/want of them, and could better use money for them to pay for
student loans.  They run $1299 and $199 from Microsoft.

Sorry, but I had to ask...


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