Re: Possible `D&D-MUD' release and Off-Topic Visual Basic

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/26/00

> Hey all, first for the D&D-MUD reference:
> I'm going to go ahead and modify CircleMUD in a release for a direct
> Dungeons and Dragons gameplay where the DM goes ahead and sets up the

        Watch out - TSR via WotC will most likely attempt to legally
castrate you if you advertise the mud in that same sense. Or use well
knownD&D related themes/areas/names/etc.

> situation ahead of time and then the game is played multiplayer for the
> duration of that quest.

        This is actually what most muds call 'a quest'.  If you're
curious, it's impossible to get the same level of attention and detail as
they do in a sit-down situation.  Frankly, you can never get everything,
and trying takes too long.  Each of these 'planned out sessions' usually
takes at _best_ a solid week of building (if you're just doing a small
1-area 'quest'), probably another week for scripting and testing the
scripts, and another week of writing some custom code to support it.
That's if you've got everyone together working full steam.  And if you
think you can keep up that level of effort, you'll be surprised.

        And most players on muds won't want to play for one day during a
prescheduled time table, and then come back three weeks later for another

        On the other hand though, you could use a mud as a communication
tool; automate dice rolling, show rooms and layouts.  In this case, the
mud would be a prop, like pictures in the MM's or maps scrawled out on
notebook paper.  Mostly though, I'd think you'd want to run the combat/etc
yourself.  A friend of mine used to use irc in this way, dcc'ing files for
maps/etc on demand, and running the rest just, on the channel.

> Ok, and now for my cheap little offtopic:
> If anybody's interested in a new, boxed copy of Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise
> and/or the Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ (both are the latest versions),
> They run $1299 and $199 from Microsoft.

        I hope you mean 129 and 199. But, no thanks. Try ebay or one of
the newsgroups for postings.  Most students can get them for much less
though, due to 'educational' pricings.


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