Re: Named Exits (go shop ect....)

From: Chris Hamilton (
Date: 10/03/00

> Hello, I am a newbie coder that is just starting to get the basic

You really should write [Newbie] in the e-mail subject so people understand
the kind of question

> I would like someone to teach me or write a walkthrough on makeing named
> exits for me. This would be very much appreiated.

Did you check the CircleMUD FTP?

> Like i said, I am basicly a idiot when it comes to programming.

Do you have any background programming in C or C++?  If you don't, you might
want to look into learning a bit about C before you attempt to tackle the
MUD code because the source code for CircleMUD can be more than a bit
cryptic at times, believe me.

-Chris Hamilton

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