Re: Named Exits (go shop ect....)

From: Del (
Date: 10/03/00

Chris Hamilton wrote:
> > Like i said, I am basicly a idiot when it comes to programming.
> Do you have any background programming in C or C++?  If you don't, you might
> want to look into learning a bit about C before you attempt to tackle the
> MUD code because the source code for CircleMUD can be more than a bit
> cryptic at times, believe me.

Yes the code can be cryptic at times. However, if you play mud long
and get the feel how it works on the game side, it makes it a lot easier
see how it all works on the code side.
As for some on this list (including my self) this is the first C project
they have taken on. It is IMO a good learning point for a few reasons.
is a stock code that will compile with no modifications (dependin on
Anyone who finds out about it, usually has played it first. Which gives
them an understanding on how it is supposed to work on the inside, to a
I also think it is nicely laid out (well, some things could be moved to
different area's to more easily find and understand).
And lastly, there is no other programming codebase that I have heard of,
has as well established place to find answers, ask questions, get code
whatever than circlemud!!!
What other mud base has this kind of circle (pun intended)? No other mud
has this much support from all the different coders!

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