Re: [CODE] compile error

From: Treker (
Date: 10/04/00

> On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, George Greer wrote:
> > Change the 'int s' one to 'socket_t s', it was just an oversight.
> Mine actually.  I thought I caught all the cases where 'int' was used in
> place of 'socket_t' (which was a lot of places in comm.c prior to
> bpl17).  gcc didn't warn.  I should've probably manually changed socket_t
> to some other type to make sure gcc wasn't doing an implicit conversion
> without a warning.
> Odd that it didn't warn, though.
> -dak

Wouldn't it be better to simply use typedef'ed' data types in all such cases
where they are dependent on eachother and dependent on eachother's

ie: typedef-ing SOCKSTRUCT to socket_t  and setting anywhere you would use
socket_t to SOCKSTRUCT?

Just a suggestion.  It'd certainly make the coder's task a bit simpler (and
reduce a couple of seconds in find/replace jobs).


PS: Voyager's Season 7 Premiere was awesome, but it sucks that they didn't
play out the whole Borg assimilation thing, and keep the Capt, Tuvok, and
B'Elenna as'd be cool to see how they'd get out of that situation,
or better yet, how they'd take advantage of it (ie: take over a ship with
transwarp and use it to get home)

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