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From: Zeavon (
Date: 10/05/00

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Patrick Dughi wrote:

> > I have compile the source...circle30bpl17...
> > My question is...If want (JUST) to test the mud, running the mud
> > from my computer, Do i have TO own a NIC (network Card/LAN Card) ???
> > Cos everytime i try to run the mud i keep getting error :
> > " WinSock Error......1007" the one that in the FAQ said i have to configure
> > my TCP/IP to get running.
> > well can anyone help me?
> >
> >
>         In a word, yes.
>         In truth, no.

You should have a NIC, but it doesn't have to be wired to anything. You
can always telnet to loopback ( if you have TCP/IP installed.
However, under Windows, TCP/IP must be bound to a device. You can setup
Dial-up Networking as the device, link it to a modem that you don't have
in your machine and be happy.

You can also bind TCP/IP to a NIC that you don't have, but that could
cause some serious system lockups as Windows attempts to talk to a device
that you do not have. I have installed 3Com drivers with no actual NIC
installed in the past. So you can give that a try.

However, since you have emailed the list, that implies an Internet
connection. This implies a working TCP/IP stack and that means that you
already have 127.0.01 as a loopback active. This IP is active at all
times.... even when you're not dialed up to your ISP.

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