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From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 10/05/00

> I have hosted my mud on xerawebs servers since may this year, at the cost
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>    My questions are:
> 1) Has anyone else had any problems with xeraweb overbilling.
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Xeraweb is formally MistCastle and I would advise *everyone* to stear clear
of this company.  I subscribed to him and payed up and then 3 months later
he tried to run a check through (printed up from his computer) on my
checking account!  I took this up with the police but since they check
bounced and never actually went through the police said there was nothing
they could do.  My main advice: Go with a company that is *well* known and
if it isn't do some serious research so you don't get screwed! Also always
pay in cash if you can 8-P  Numbers can get in the wrong hands really

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