Re: [SYSTEM-LINUX] Slackware socklen_t compiling issue

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 10/05/00

Melissa Jadwinski wrote:
> Speaking of compiling problems, I'm switching mud hosts (from a
> host running Redhat, to a host running
> Slackware).  I copied the mud over to the new host, removed config.cache,
> config.status and config.log (just in case, I backed them up first) and
> reran configure.  I then attempted to make, but got the following:

Well, I kinda doubt that this is your problem but it may be worth
looking into anyways.  When you run ./configure it re-creates Makefile
from so if you made changes to Makefile but didn't change then by running ./configure you essentially erased those
changes.  As a rule of thumb, always make changes to and
re-run ./configure to update Makefile, never just make a chage to
Makefile and forget about it.

Regards, Peter

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