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From: Brian (
Date: 05/26/03

Carlton Colter wrote:
> I know the zone file typically stores the max # in game, but I seem to be
> lost of some of its workings... does that include if the player has the
> object?   Also, why is it this information is stored so repeditively in
> the zone file when it could be stored on the mobile or object instead?
> Then if you wanted to increase the max number of mobs tcehat are loaded in
> the game... you could just increase it on the mob.  Sure... still load it
> into the room with zedit... but set the max number of the mob in the game
> with medit so you only have to change it one place?

        There is value in having a system like this.  Consider, for instance,
an object you only want to repop when a zone has been cleared of a lot
of mobs.  Initially, the zone starts with about 4 of those mobs and over
time the mobs rebuild to totalling 12:

M 0 1234 1 1200
G 1 512 9
M 0 1234 12 1200
M 0 1234 12 1200
M 0 1234 12 1200

        If you simply had a maximum number of mobiles, you likely couldn't
acheive quite the same effect.
        The same could be done to insure that one zone happens to always have
some item while over time another zone slowly runs out of it.
        Just a couple of examples that I've seen in practice.  I wager there
are others.

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