Re: Mapmaker

From: Erik (
Date: 07/26/95

On Wed, 26 Jul 1995, Edward Almasy wrote:

> Phil Priston writes:
> > To be honest the thought of giving players ascii maps in that much 
> > detail is pretty horrifying... any ascii map you put in the game 
> > should be incredibly vague, or whats the point in adventuring!
> > *shrug*
> That's true if you *give* them the map, but if you *sell* them the
> map (for a sum relative to the accuracy, detail, and danger of the
> area described) and limit the number of copies, then...
  When I said that, I did not mean maps of every wilderness or 
mountainous area in your game. I was thinking of the city maps and such! 
It is easier to remove a few secret store rooms than it is to draw up a 
street/shop map for every city you have. Especially in the mud I work 
for, which has 10+ cities, all over 500 rooms each...

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