Re: Circle 2.2 & Auto Directions

From: King of the Pride Lands (
Date: 02/25/96

On Sun, 25 Feb 1996, Tom Balfe wrote:

> Can you post it as well as sending it as attached document? I have csh, 
> but I think the csh in slack three isn't straight csh. Perhaps the sh 
> version will work better. My friend says earlier today, we tried the 
> script with the mud running and he could run it on another port when 2.2 
> is already running. Strange.

	If you want to change shells, use 'chsh' and use /bin/csh
assuming you installed it.  Check before you change shells.
Then it will work fine

Steve Conley
Lord Xan the Implmentor of VirtualWorldsMUD ( 8000)

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