Re: Coredump question

From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 04/19/96

On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Mark Andrew Crichton wrote:

> > Solution: I'm not sure.. But if you are going to upgrade to a newer 
> > kernel(as suggested in a earlier post), you should probably move tho one 
> > of the newer ones, since they will generally be more stable(e.g. 1.3.9x).
> we go again...
> For Linux 1.3 (esp. with Slackware), the core file format changed AGAIN (esp
> with the radical move to ELF)

Was this meant for me? :)
I knew about the change, and I got the gdb-elf from sunsite or wherever a 
long time ago..  I just forgot to mention it :)

> (as a sidenote...why are people using 1.3 Linux DEVELOPMENT kernels and NOT
> subscribed to the linux-kernel mailing list....esp. now that there is a working
> digest now. I DO keep abrest of changes if you do :) (I've seen the
> answers to this question there, as well as comp.os.linux.development.system and
> friends...))

At least I am on that list, but I can't talk about anyone else..

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