Re: Possible <where> bug

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 04/30/96

> > Can you consistently reproduce the bug, or perhaps provide a core dump?
> I can reproduce it on call. One example is "black", we have so many objs that
> are either black or have an alias for black that when we type WHERE BLACK
> it gives you a super long list of the "black" EQ and then spams you off.
> Does it everytime, with out a doubt, on every word that refers to many
> objs and/or mobs.  However we have not experienced a crash from this as
> they have.

It's not a bug, it's because you have a slow link...  Try it on the local
machine, or from a faster link, and you'll have no problem at all.  I've
never seen this actuall crash the server.

Brian Pape
Reign of Towers

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