Re: Read languages(runes) skill

From: Sammy (
Date: 04/30/96

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Graham Gilmore wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Sammy wrote:
> > 1) Scramble or blot out random letters
> > 2) Make unknown languages random gibberish or a text message
> > 3) Double the circle code in order to imp "realistic" languages ;)
> > 4) Encourage bilingual players to come to your mud and use real languages
> 	Regardless of what method you pick, players will find a way 
> around, unless you really limit them. :)  I played one MUD which used 
> method 2, using a simple text message.  Everyone used emotes to talk. :P

That's true.  I suppose their are two main reasons for adding languages 
to a mud.  If you want to provide a method of semi-secure communication 
between people of the same race then a simple letter subsitution method 
would work just fine since they aren't going to want to get around it.  
The other reason is to prevent communication, which seems silly to me.  
Discouraging cooperation and socialization might make the mud more 
realistic but I think it really detracts from the game, and as you've 
mentioned, players will find a way around just about any communication 
barrier you can devise, unless you really go all out and clamp down on 
all the social aspects of circle.

This is all just my opinion, but I don't believe that features which have 
no purpose but to make the mud "more realistic" are generally just 
neisance items that players put up with grudgingly.  Imagine if hunger 
and thirst had never been a part of diku and a mud you played on suddenly 
imped them.  Imagine your reaction :)

I think we oughta take out hunger and thirst, since they seem to have no 
purpose other than to provide a reason for the create food and water 
spells :)  Of course, if you REALLY want that realistic mud, you 
definitely have to add some more nuisance items that are missing in diku:

The day has begun.
You are hungry.
You have to pee.
You have a pounding headache.
You've been up all night and if you don't get 8 hours of sleep or some 
strong coffee soon you'll be completely worthless.

Sam :)

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