Re: [Circle] [code] races and !race objs

From: Andrew Jones (
Date: 11/08/96

David J Kasprzyk wrote:
> I have recently added races to the 3.0 base using the races.doc as a
> guide. I had used the OasisOLC patch before I added the races. Now
> here's the question/problem. I would like to use the oasis oedit and
> sedit to add the !human, !elf, etc flags to the objs and shops. I have
> taken a quick look at the oasis code (very quick) and am assuming that
> the oasis patch gets its flag information from other files before it
> writes to the sorce files. Would it be easier to add the races code then
> run the oasis patch to fix this or should I make the changes manually?
> And if manually what files should I be looking at to make these changes?
> I am learning my way around the circle source but could use a little
> help finding the sections that I need to make the changes to. Thanks for
> any help offered.
> --
>   David J Kasprzyk
re-define this in olc.h

#define NUM_ITEM_FLAGS          23<-----change this number to the # of
item_flags in structs.h
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