Re: [Advanced] Spell Books + Objs

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 01/14/97

G'day All,

>I'd suggest adding two fields to the obj_data struct,

	I added this instead.
   struct obj_spell_info {
	int spell_book_type;
	int scribed_spells [MAX_NUMBER_SCRIBED_SPELLS];

and i iserted it somewhere in the obj_data struct, and it compiles fine.

>The only problem is that if you want to save this list ..

I agree. I had a look in db.c but couldn't figure out which is the function
that records the obj stuff. I suppose the recording must be done when
renting ???

Also, do i have to read in this structure when the player is loaded? Where
is this also done?

Thank you kindly for anymore support, peoples! Thanks!

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