Re: [ASCII RentFiles] Done?

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 07/26/97

>Also, has anyone considered ASCII Bulletin Boards, and other files?

 i've been thinking of working on ASCII mail myself.  it would make it
easy to have an email forward address so friends can email you
from the MUD.  of course, this would require a complete rewrite of the
mail code, b/c it currently works with nothing but binaries.

has anyone ever wondered if Jeremy has a hang up on structs?
it kinda makes me wonder, because nearly everything (if not everything)
in Stock Circle deals with binary files.  and in my opinion, this makes
it hard to deal with a MUD on two different (if not more) platforms.

moving, etc.  the pfile wipes because of additions, the pfile wipes
due to strings being just a TEENY bit too long.  etc.

anyway, i've always wondered that.  I'm not real sure of the benefit of
binaries, but ASCII files are easier to read, easier to FIX, easier to
move around, and better (imo).  of course i don't know if binaries are
faster or not, but that makes no difference to me, as does the
mem leaks.

well, what i guess i'm trying to say is, Yeah, i've been thinking of working
on ASCII mail files.  any hints, suggestions?  Flames will not be appreciated.
(are they ever?)

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