Re: [NEWBIE] CircleMUD and problems with

From: Dark Shadow (dark.shadow@NETHERWORLD.NET)
Date: 07/29/97

> > > causing problems is how does CircleMUD interfere with web servers,
> > > servers, and other communications programs that are running?  On a
> > > NT 4.0 server running multiple programs would MUD crashes and general
> >  It shouldn't... They say that NT's are smart enough to prevent one
> > program from crashing whole system.
>         This is true. However, like windows95, one process can lock up
> entire machine - stealing too many cycles, and memory...however,
> windows95 multitasking to NT multitasking is like the ELF to an AppleIIe.
> Yeah, they both suck, but at least you can play "Moonpatrol" on an
> AppleIIe

Be a real man, use linux, and discover what real multitasking is.

and btw....a mud won't affect a dual processor, but it'll slow down a
single processor system.


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