Re: [Legal -again-] Contributions

From: Stephen Arnold (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 08/18/97

> > I would normally call you a, "fucking idiot," right here; but perhaps I have
> > been unclear and a bit patronizing, so I'll explain.  You cannot make money
> > off of CircleMUD (monetary gain).  If someone thinks your MUD is real cool
> > and sends you money/whatever, your acceptance of this "gift" hence means
> > that you have made money/whatever because of CircleMUD.  In other words, it
> > is not forbidding someone from making a donation, it's forbidding you from
> > ACCEPTING donations or asking for donations.
> By forbiding you from accepting donations, it prevents anyone from making
> a donation. I never claimed to know whether it's legal for the license to
> do this, I just said I've heard some doubts. Anyone who is interested in
> the validity of the no donations part of the CircleMUD license ought
> to check with a lawyer.
> What I did say for sure was the license clearly prohibits donations. What
> I can't figure out is why you can't accept this.

        Because you are wrong. The license is not forbidding people from
making donations, its forbidding you to accept them, there is a
difference, obviously you do not understand this.

> Umm, how is this different from what I've been saying all along?
        Because, take for instance Black Boxes, or rather cable
descramblers, it is legal to sell them but illegal to use. Whats the
difference here? This is the same as in the license.


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