Suggestions for bpl12

From: Rasdan (rasdan@PEAK.ORG)
Date: 08/18/97

Hey all,

I have a couple of suggestions for bpl12:

1. For the olc part, use obuild. SAves you writing your own, and it's a
   fine piece of work :)

2. Have char_to_room remove the character from his or her current room,
   but only if that person isn't already in a room, so in char_to_room,
   could do this:
      if (IN_ROOM(ch) != NOWHERE)

   Then continue on with the rest of the code.
   Would get rid of a lot of infinite loops resulting from a char being in
   more than one room at a time. I know that the coders for Circle can
   easily do this themselves, but it would save a step :)

On a side note, pertaining to the recent lengthy discussion of the
CircleMUD license, and the no donations clause:

  Does this clause also prevent the selling of merchandise (such as
  tip books, etc) with only the name of the mud you are running,
  and saying nothing about CircleMUD.

  The reason I ask this is that we are working on coding into our mud a
sound system whereby certain events that occur within the mud trigger
specific sounds played at the player-end. Now, we are going to make all
the sounds we use available for downloading from the web page
(eventually). However, the .zip file will be quite large and download
times will be quite long.

  To save the people downloading some time, we are considering offering
CDs containing all sounds, with a small install program to install the
sounds in the proper location, for sale. We only intend to charge the
cost of the CD plus shipping and a small $2 fee.

  Are we bound by the CircleMUD license not to do this? If so why? since
we are not making any profit off of CircleMUD.

Thanks for your time, and I hope my ramblings make sense.


  I have done so much,
  with so little,                         James C. Thomas Jr.
  for so long,                                 Rasdan
  That I can do anything                Head Coder of Finality!
  with nothing.
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