Spell Delay

From: Tim Davis (ar782@CHEBUCTO.NS.CA)
Date: 09/21/97

Ok.  I need to do the following:

(casting a spell)

500hp 500mn 500mv> cast 'create water' wineskin
You rub your hands and intone mystical phrases

500hp 500mn 500mv>
You point at a empty wineskin.

500hp 480mn 500mv>
You ~~cast~~ create water

500hp 480mn 500mv>
A wineskin is filled

Ok, im not asking for the code for create water.  :)
What i am asking for is a means by which to make the character wait a
round before each step in casting.  Could this be accomplised using the
delay function defined in one of the C library Headers (dont know which one)?
I already experimented with creating a loop that would have the same
effect, but it just lagged the WHOLE mud.  :)

Please help,
Tim Davis

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