Re: [INFO] Patches, FTP, and flying elephants.

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@BELLATLANTIC.NET)
Date: 10/30/97

>>        All in all, seems to me that Circle 3.0's biggest (just about only)
>>flaw is the quality of it's world files.  Heh, if this were an ad&d
>>campaign, the DM would be taken out back of the house, and the shit beat
>>out of him.
>A similar punishment should be handed out for even using the zones that come
>with Circle for anything other than testing and examples.  The world could
>easily do without yet another CircleMUD with stock zones.  Developing your
>from scratch should be given the same or even a higher priority than modifying
>the code.


        However, having few builders, creation moves slowly.  It would be
quite hard to have attracted my current lot of alpha testers to my
under-development mud if it only had 50 rooms and 6-7 npc's.  [AD] "10 new
rooms and another npc comming next week!"

        I'm therefore forced to accept reality and for now use the areas
that came with the distribution, and they're in bad shape.  It's a
necessary evil for my builders to allocate resources to fix/balance things
as they come up.

        We thought about this long and hard, and decided the opposite that
you have.  Code ended up with the higher priority.

        As for your opinion that muds using the stock areas, should have
their imp's decapitated...Do you really think Circle would be as a popular
a codebase if it came only with Migaard for, 'testing and examples'?

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