[Newbie] Telnet GA

From: Bradley D. Hartin (bhartin@MA909A.TAMUCC.EDU)
Date: 04/15/98

I have a problem where sometimes the mud will display text right next to
the prompt.  i.e.:

---- Recall start ----
Your slash at the Pawn of the Black Court results in a pool of blood and his immediate death!
The Pawn of the Black Court is dead!  R.I.P.
You receive your share of experience.
You feel the bloodlust in your veins as you hear the death cry of the Pawn of the Black Court.
5041H 100M 137V > Saving Slasher.
5041H 100M 137V > You are at the half-way point to your next level.
---- Recall end ----

(the save and 'exp' are triggered, but produce the results in question).

I've seen many muds that have an option for turning on sending of a telnet
GA sequence.  First, what exactly is it and what does it do?  Second, is
this what I'm looking for to remedy my problem?  From my experience, I
believe it may have at least something to do with it.

At one point, one client wasn't even displaying the prompt at all until
after you hit enter again.  Again, could this be related?

I've dug around a lot through Circle sites, but have had no luck finding

Brad Hartin

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