Houses and Rent?

From: The Merciless lord of Everything (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 04/27/98


Now I've been speculating about this for some time, and wondering how
one may come about this.

Situation is as follows:
Player buys a house (No big deal). Now based upon what he/she has in
the room of EQ, I want to be able to have a Taxcollector routine that
on a random day every REAL month (not mudmonth) figures out how much
there is to pay, mails the responsible person. And accepts the
payment, then go to next *real* month and so forth. If the person do
not pay within the 1 (Just like real rent) the house will be
impossible to enter. (Like removing the Entrance).

Anyone who have done this, or have some clues on where to start?

S. P. Skou
Serces - The Realm of Chaos - 4000

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