Re: OBcircle slaying

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 04/27/98

I am trying to avoid ITEM_OGRE_SLAYING because i have > 32 mob races.  I am
having them come in as applies.  Kinda like APPLY_DAMAGE. (option F in Oasis
OLC).  Then add a special menu to the OLC to list the races.  The part that
worries me is how to quickly check this.  There is going to be a % chance to
slay, but very few weapons should be slaying (I am just going to have the weapon
do 4x damage, not really slay (slay is WAY too powerful)).  My problem is that
there is a MAX of 6 applies, and I don't want to run through this list EVERY
time I hit with a weapon. It is just 12 little if checks, but that can be a lot,
especially burried in the fight code, which you want to keep as tight as
possible.  Hmm, anyone think of a quicker way then this:


maybe have an ITEM_SLAYING flag and then have the checks?

seems like a plan.

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Subject: Re:  Circlemud design issues + OBcircle slaying
Date:    4/27/98 10:14 AM

> Assuming that mob races and classes are coded, how would be the best way to
> a generic weapons of race or class slaying?  I was thinking of using weapon
> applies and having the modifier mean something.  Can anyone think of a better
> way to do this?

Either put an extra value in the obj file to hold a clas slaying flag
(#define OGRE_SLAYING 0 etc) or put a flag in. (ITEM_OGRE_SLAYER) that
you check for in do_hit in fight.c

I am just putting the thoughts together to do this on my mud.  The part
I am wrestling with is the best way/place to put mobclass specific actions
in. like mobs backstabbing to attack, or healing themslves etc.

Has anyone done this that would like to offer some tips or what to avoid?

I am not looking for code just maybe a tip on where to start, it will
be all over I am sure, because it is a very all encompassing thing, but
the few starts I have made in the distant past have ended up very ugly.

Eek! what a babble.

Thanks for any answers.
Ghost Shaidan

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