Re: [MacOS] PL14 patch

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 07/06/98

On 7/6/98 6:27 AM, Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM) stated:

>>Also recommend upgrading to GUSI 1.8.4 - it is the latest release.
>>A recent chat with Matt Neeri revealed that GUSI 2 is not in operational
>>condition, but now that he has finished his thesis, he plans to spend
>>more time on it.  GUSI 2 is to use Open Transport instead of MacTCP.
>Not to sound impatient, but it's about bloody time!  That's probably why
>I've had so many damn problems when I tried to compile and run on my
>machine, it's running on pure Open Transport.  Considering how long
>MacTCP has been dead, I had figured that GUSI was OT campatible.  My
>mistake.  :)

GUSI is OT compatible - because OT supports the MacTCP API.  It was not
rewritten to support "native" OT, however... and GUSI 2 is more than just
MacTCP->OT API update.

The GUSI homepage is
The GUSI 2 page is

It is intended to have:
* Support for the thread manager.
*       Support for OpenTransport.
*       Support for more different C compilers.
*       A public C++ interface.

Reading over the page, it looks like it should implement near or full
POSIX.1, along with pthreads (!) and pipes.  I just hope this stuff is
finished up before MacOS X or Matt gets that job with the Open Transport
group at Apple that he is applying for :-)

But Matt also has other projects in progress, including being the
maintainer of MacPerl.

As for why you have problems - I have no clue.  It works fine for me,
just be cautious of your includes.  Do not include GUSI.h itself, because
it conflicts with some of Circle's own includes.  Instead, you'll need to
extract anything defined in GUSI.h that you need (such as a couple signal
defines, and some prototypes) and paste them into the .c files themselves.

- Chris Jacobson

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