some problems with bpl14 with olc+

From: John Hines (sculpy@MUD3.GATOR.NET)
Date: 08/25/98

Ihave compiled my bpl14 mud and it was running fine.
i added levels to 57 using the new_levels.doc.txt from bpl14 as a guide
i added races using the race.patch for bpl14
i added 2 classes (assassin and ranger) using chap-2class.txt from the
circle ftp site

the bpl14 i am using is from
a file called bpl14+ (oasisolc+ 2.0 and dg_scripts included in the

this is all i have done to the muds code

1 player in the pfiles runs good
add another player and advance thier level to 53 runs fine
untill olc is ran by the new level 53 godmud crash
redit in particular after a new zone is created

i have gone through the syslog syslog.CRASH and other syslogs in the /lib/

no signs of errors there

i restarted the mud again and tried to set the level 53's olc to the new

<syntax> set moonbeam olc 200
mud returns
That is not a race.

i looked at the zone list and zone 200 existed

so i at imp level tried to redit 20000
mud returns
there is no such zone

has anyone else had a problem with this sort of error?
and if so what was done to solve the problem?

i have recompiled twice since and desk checked my code additions several

still the problem persist

any help would be appreciated

thank you

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