OOPS, Sorry forgot title.

From: Shadow of the Ancients (mmapplebeck@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 09/12/98

I am sorry, I forgot the title on my previous message(Outlook express is
supposed to warn me if I don't enter a title but it didn't, it must have
been disabled). I will repeat it for people that skipped it because it
didn't have a title.:
I have been looking through some code I want to use and I noticed that three
pieces will interact and cause a possible way to cheat. I am using AFK code
and Arena code. I also have a piece of code that prevents players from
killing other players that are in AFK but it prevents the player from doing
anything but removing the AFK flag so they are literally AFK even if they
just sit and take advantage of it. My point is is that players could go into
an arena and go into AFK and not get touched and stay at full health until
the last player was pretty beaten up and just kill them off quickly. I am
wondering if anyone has seen this problem and has fixed it or has any
suggestions on how to do it. Does anyone know if an argument stating if
player in room flagged ROOM_ARENA AFK disabled would work?
Shadow of the Ancients(Not open yet)
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