[IDEA] Permenant Death

From: Andrew (object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU)
Date: 10/14/98

I am wishing to implement permenant deaths into my MUD, to make it more
realistic. However, I want the MUD to be fully pkillable. A nasty combination,
I know, but hopefully the town authorities will take care of any assassins/

Has anyone implemented permenant deaths, and if so, could you tell me the
pros and cons, and whether you regret/don't regret implementing it? Thanks.

And while I'm here, has anyone implemented a 'know' command for objects?

Freddy greets you.
Freddy shows you a red and blue satin tunic, which he is wearing on his chest.
You says "What you got there?"
Freddy says "Gib, it's cool. It's the tunic of the King's Guards."
You says "Can I have a look?"
Freddy gives you a red and blue satin tunic.
>know tunic as tunic of the King's Guards
You now know a red and blue satin tunic to be a 'tunic of the King's Guards'.
>give tunic freddy
You give a tunic of the King's Guard to Freddy.

And then whenever you see that same object, you will always see a tunic of
the King's Guards.


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