Re: [IDEA] Permenant Death

From: Fafhrd (fafhrd@ROTD.COM)
Date: 10/14/98

I do this all with a modified version of the 'master parser' on the main
circle ftp site. Its a really cool snippet, it just lacks the checks a real
game needs. Add a few hundred more, and you're set. One of my fav additions,
was the is_id. If a player has cast Identify, they get a bit set for a short
while, which will cause the is_id check to be true. The items are named such
as (syntax may be wrong offhand)
A [is_id ? ring of blinking / dull metal ring] lies here in the dirt,

>On Thu, 15 Oct 1998, Andrew wrote:
>>Freddy greets you.
>>Freddy shows you a red and blue satin tunic, which he is wearing on his
>>You says "What you got there?"
>>Freddy says "Gib, it's cool. It's the tunic of the King's Guards."
>>You says "Can I have a look?"
>>Freddy gives you a red and blue satin tunic.
>>>know tunic as tunic of the King's Guards
>>You now know a red and blue satin tunic to be a 'tunic of the King's
>>>give tunic freddy
>>You give a tunic of the King's Guard to Freddy.
>>And then whenever you see that same object, you will always see a tunic of
>>the King's Guards.
>Hm, that'd be interesting if you put it as a generic search and replace.
>You could have instead of their real names:
>        'That stoned guy is standing here.' or
>        'The guy who didn't loan me a bread shakes your hand.'
>or change 'is standing here' to 'worships you' for the egomaniacs.
>Sounds like a job for E-text.
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