Re: [NEWBIE] Question about making LEVEL restricted EQ.

From: William Elwartowski (elwartows_wl@RSCC.CC.TN.US)
Date: 12/15/98

>1) set side a bit in structs.h I think under the stuff for obj files
>3) Set the above said to work with our current olc system
>4) Add a place in stat obj so it shows this info
>5) Add a place in handler.c so when the player goes to wear this and hes
>not appropriate level he gets told so and its a failed attempt.
>6) Add the info to the ASPELL for identify.
>Anyone think of anything I'm leaving out or got any sugestions?  Thanx and

You may consider instead of "Failing" the attempt limit the attributes of
the item.  e.g. use a formula like
LEVEL_RESTRICT(eq)/GET_LEVEL(ch)*(Arbitrary value such as AC adj etc and
allow no magic effects <Pluses> to work)

In this way it is as though they have to learn how to use the equipment.

It is more complicated but I believe that the players would like that more
than a message like "You don't know how to use this item, maybe when you
have gained a level or two"

Just my two cents.


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