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From: Jeremy Music (
Date: 12/18/98

> >>
> >>> * OasisOLC
> >>> * OBuild
> >>
> OLC sounds good, nomater the method

Seconded.  Perhaps include command-line as well as menu-based with both
available, either at compile time or through PRF_

> >>> * Threads
> >>>         Limited to Linux, Solaris, Windows, and maybe FreeBSD.

Threads would be good, but probably 98% of running circlemuds wouldn't see
any noticeable benefit, so perhaps this is something that should remain in
patch form for the few that do want them.

> >>> * ASCII Pfile
> >>>         Likely to be included.

I have often wondered why this wasn't in there from the start, as it seems
easier (when it is included from the start).  Something I did (on another
code base, before I started with circle) is gzip the player files, thus
keeping the low space requirements, even with 50 items saved to a pfile
(easy to do in code, and the space savings is dramatic with a large

> >>> * BufferSys

Does this mean I no longer get the occasional crash with BUFFER OVERFLOW?
I'm all for it  :)

> >>> * DG Scripts
> >>> * DG Events
> >>>         Obvious reasons, but overkill? Maybe, maybe not.

I also suggest mobprogs, which co-exist with DG's just fine.  Of course,
all should be easily handled through OLC.  (mobprogs are much easier than
DG scripts for simple little mob reactions, and are much easier for
builders to catch on to).

> >>> * NoteOLC

Sounds like a great idea.  I think I would set this to IMPL only
(definitely not available to a newbie builder).

> >>> * RaceEdit/ClassEdit (

Handled through defines for those who don't want/need races and/or

> >>I have been thinking about a "revert" command for Oasis (or any OLC),
> >>
> >>This isn't implemented already, is it?
> >
> >Nope, and the current CircleMUD db routines make it extremely hard to
> do
> >that.

Forgive me if I am looking at this wrong, as I am not coming at it from a
code standpoint...  Wouldn't it be relatively simple to just discard the
changes in memory and "re-boot" the area?

> Add levels to the help files? That'd be kinda nice....

Easy to do, implemented in hedit already (which btw, should be included in
the OLC).

Now for a list of new ideas of my own.

Hedit (mentioned above, with ability to level-restrict helps).
social-edit OLC style (do these things really need to be hard-coded
MPedit Mobprog editor, olc style.
INFO channel (wiznet for players, showing logins, deaths, levels, etc.)
Auto-auction with an "auction stat" command to ident items for sale.
Tedit to edit motd/imotd/etc. from within the mud, again a part of the
I would also like to see a remort system implemented in base code.  As a
player on other muds I have greatly enjoyed the remort systems they have
had (email me for the address to the mud with the best remort system I
have seen, unfortunately it's not mine).  This gives the mud more
playability (how many players make it to the highest level and just stop
logging in?)

All these ideas seem fairly simple to implement (except for the remort
system, wish I could see that one mud's code sometime  :)

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