[newbie] format problem in mob file

From: John Hines (jahweb@grnco.net)
Date: 12/18/98


        I have been having some problems with my .mob file format. I
have just made the addition of npc races and classes. If at all
possible i would like to get some advice on the following snip of


  if (!get_line(mob_f, line)) {
    log("SYSERR: Format error in last line of mob #%d\n"
        "...expecting line of form '# # #', but file ended!", nr);

  if (sscanf(line, " %d %d %d %d %d ", t, t + 1, t + 2, t + 3,
t + 4) != 5) {
    log("SYSERR: Format error in last line of mob #%d\n"
        "...expecting line of form '# # #'", nr);

  mob_proto[i].char_specials.position = t[0];
  mob_proto[i].mob_specials.default_pos = t[1];
  mob_proto[i].player.sex = t[2];
  mob_proto[i].player.chclass = t[3];
  mob_proto[i].player.race = t[4];


I have been under the guidance of J. Buckley on this project. I have
lost his email address in the process of a drive format.

I believe the problem in my mob file format is in the above snippet
but i do not see a problem with it. If anyone has added in npc races
and classes i SURE would appreciate some advice.

I am also going to have to add in a small bit of code to set npc
skills to a learned level so the npc's can use the skills of thier

advice on this would also be appreciated.


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