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From: Keith Bertelsen (
Date: 12/18/98

>On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Eduo wrote:
>>On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, George wrote:
>>> * OasisOLC
>>> * OBuild
>>I think adding just the framework would be better, or the olcnote
>>that was around. Although I use Oasis I think lots of people like to
>>their own solution.
>I agree with that, that's why I started generic routines in OasisOLC
>Further progress on that will probably be one of the presents.

OLC sounds good, nomater the method

>>> * Threads
>>>         Limited to Linux, Solaris, Windows, and maybe FreeBSD.
>>I must say I don't agree with this (in the same way I don't agree
>>to C++), it hinders one of the best things Circle has. Portability.
>Ah, but threads would be something interesting (and hair-pulling) to
>with.  With one thread per player, you're free to do blocking reads and
>writes and generally simplify the main code loop at the expense of

Ick...threads? Do we REALLY need them in the code?

>>> * ASCII Pfile
>>>         Likely to be included.
>>I'd give a vote for this. I have been waiting for a nice stock
>>implementation of this (I haven't been able of making my own and the
>>around don't quite fit me).
>I had planned to use the one Sammy wrote, unless he objects. :)

ASCII Pfile would make it a whole lot easier to edit them, instead of a
pwipe...and ability to save the objects a player has in the pfile
instead of renting would be real nice (def'n a global var in config.c
that you can set to do this or not)

>>> * BufferSys
>>>         I'm doing a makeover at the moment with it so I have yet to
>>>         out what it is going to become.  Most likely it would be
>>I have no idea what this could be about..:)
>Basically a bad-memory-use tracker and thread-safe buffer allocation.

New buffer?

>>> * DG Scripts
>>> * DG Events
>>>         Obvious reasons, but overkill? Maybe, maybe not.
>>I vote for the scripts, I still haven't used events but they seem to
>Use neither, since I don't have a MUD, so I don't know.

What the heck are DG scripts and events? Never heard of the before...

>>> * NoteOLC
>>>         Alternative to OasisOLC and OBuild.  It'd be basically the
same as
>>>         writing the world files by hand, except online.
>>This is what I was referring to, since it is so simple it can easily
>>substituted (specially if it is nicely contained in #defines) or
>>with another solution.
>It's basically a couple lines of code added around string_add(),

OLC sounds good...

>>> * RaceEdit/ClassEdit (
>>>         Intriguing idea.
>>Hadn't thought about this. What does it mean? instead of adding races
>>classes in stock give only defaults that are editable or that can be
>Classes and races read from a file at bootup which can be modified on
>fly with an online editor.

Ick....One reason I like circle is because it basically minimizes the
number of external files it has to read while still having them be easy
to read and efficient. And what if you don't want to implement races...?
Or classes....?

>>> I'll also keep a running tab of new ideas on the list as I remember
>>> and put them there.  I also have a mailbox of 13 'todo' items I'll
>>> stick on the list shortly.  I think Daniel Koepke's 'it' idea is in
>>> there somewhere...
>>I have been thinking about a "revert" command for Oasis (or any OLC),
>>which you simply "reread" the latest saved version from disk and
>>changes. This could be good for when you really mess up a zone
>>reason) or for when you edit by hand while the mud is running.
>>This isn't implemented already, is it?
>Nope, and the current CircleMUD db routines make it extremely hard to
>Which reminds me of something else I wanted to do...

Add levels to the help files? That'd be kinda nice....
So would some documentation on send_to_player() and act(), and the
differences, etc...

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