new skills not working

From: Dan Egli (
Date: 12/28/98

I added some languages as skills, so each race on my mud has their own
race, and can also learn languages of other races. However, nothing seems
to be affecting the races.

In interpreter.c, nanny(), I have a switch:
switch (GET_RACE(d->character)) {

followed by case: statements for all my races. Each of these puts the
language (skill) for that race to 100% (all races are fluent in their OWN
racial language by default). But when I look at their language list after
they log in, everyone has common, and just common. Here's the structure of
the switch:
switch(GET_RACE(d->character)) {
        case RACE_HUMAN: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_COMMON, 100); break;
        case RACE_TROLL: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_TROLL, 100); break;
        case RACE_ELF: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_ELVISH, 100); break;
        case RACE_GNOME: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_GNOMISH, 100); break;
        case RACE_HDRAGON: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_LORE, 100); break;
        case RACE_MINOTAUR: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_MINOTAUR, 100); break;

anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

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