Re: new skills not working

From: Dan Egli (
Date: 12/28/98

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, Cj Stremick wrote:

> You are sure that the race has been selected at this point?  I suspect the
> race is 0 (either undefined or defaulted to Human) at the point this is run.
> Check the order of your code and be sure this follows the race selection.
> Also, be sure your race parser (usually called "parse_race") is returning
> the right stuff.  If, after the player creation, you can see that race was
> indeed set, it's almost certainly a problem with the order.

I'm sure. I added some log statements. Here's the current state:
        case RACE_HUMAN: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_COMMON, 100);
               log("DEBUG: Human encountered"); break;
        case RACE_TROLL: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_TROLL, 100);
             log("DEBUG: Troll Encountered"); break;
        case RACE_ELF: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_ELVISH, 100);
              log("DEBUG: Elf encountered"); break;
        case RACE_GNOME: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_GNOMISH, 100);
             log("DEBUG: Gnome encountered"); break;
        case RACE_HDRAGON: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_LORE, 100);
             log("DEBUG: Half Dragon Encountered"); break;
        case RACE_MINOTAUR: SET_SKILL(d->character, LANG_MINOTAUR, 100);
              log("DEBUG: Minotaur encountered"); break;

And when my Half Dragon char logs in, the log shows:
DEBUG: Half Dragon Encountered.

Plus, when I do a skillset in the mud itself (skillset ninja 'lore' 100,
and skillset ninja 'common' 0) I still get 100% knowledge of common, no
lore knowledge.

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