Re: [newbie][question][code]Ascii Pfiles

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/26/99

> Anthony,
> I believe the author says this system is supposedly faster
> then binary player files although it supposed to take up
> more memory. Also... You get the GREAT advantage of being
> able to modify your pfiles easily and add new variables
> without screwing them all up and having to do a pfile wipe.
> IMHO that and ascii rent files are a must have.
        Bleh. I hate beating dead horses.

Binary files
        Pros:  quick loadtime, alteration in-place, well tested.
        Cons:  Hard/troublesome to alter definitions, tricky to make it
                save only required information - leads to large space
Ascii Files
        Pros:  Easy to alter (both definitions, and files themselves),
                generally tend to be more optimal for space.
        Cons:  Most systems are not incredibly well-tested, technically
                slower than binary loads due to parsing, files must be
                read/written completely for alteration.

        Personally, I like ascii files because then I don't have to write
seperate programs to see if my new code changes were correct, I can very
simply create files and test them.  And since i'm coding for a mud that's
actually in use, it's good for spot-fixes.


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