Re: Sole Coder Project

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 04/06/99

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Bill Long wrote:

> i stopped by xuals mud yesterday. its pretty cool. you guys should go
> check it out. i really liked his character creation sequence.  he also
> employed what i like to call moderate and interesting use of color.
> i was quite impressed.  after talking to him for a bit, it came out
> that he too, is a sole coder for a mud. i REALLY would like to get a
> bunch of us SOLE coders together and make a mud.

People are often doing their own work alone because they perceive a lack
of quality in everyone else's work.  Or they simply want creative freedom.
Or they just don't work well together in a group.  I don't see such an
attempt as feasible.

> i'd bet we could have a good mud up and running in 6 months.

Good muds never come along in 6 months.  Maybe the basis of a good mud.
Just as there are bottlenecks in a single-coder system, there are
compensating limitations to using a group of coders and administrators.
Not the least of which is design decisions and revision control.

But if people want to try it, I may commit a little bit of time.


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