Re: [CODE] [LIB] [SYSTEM-WIN95] Woirld building software

From: Joe Buchanan (
Date: 05/26/99

I agree that dos mode programs are better, but I think
we are in the minority there.  Most people like a fancy
gui. (because it looks nicer?)

I do have plans for a mapping feature, but the main
intent of the editor is not a world file editor, but an
entire lib/world/ editor.  This beta (Beta 1) is only
the world file editor, simply because I wish to get a
beta group established, and to get feedback on the
look and feel of the editor.


> Interested, though I wonder what sort of editor it
> is.  At the very least
> I could beta test it.  I'd be more favorable toward
> a programme that
> could run in dos mode than a gui version (but that's
> just me).  The
> main feature I would want to see in a gui wld editor
> would be some sort
> of mapping feature to allow you spacially represent
> your rooms.  But
> let me repeat the offer of beta testing.  I have a
> builder in Italy
> who can't get on much :)
> Melissa Jadwinski/
> At 08:54 AM 5/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >Is there any interest in an offline world file
> editor
> >for Windows'9x?  I've been working on one, but I
> need
> >a beta group to test it...  So far only the .wld
> files
> >are handled.
> >
> >Plazmic

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