Re: [IDEA] Artificial Intelligence/ALife

From: Elvis Mohan (
Date: 06/11/99


> We've begun the long haul for making most mobs do *something* out of the
> ordinary.  Most of what we're doing was originally the MobProgs, and now
> DGScripts. I really think that if your doing this, you will have an
> easier time of it if you would use DGScripts instead of hardcoding it
> into Spec's.


Wasn't thinking of doing it in Specs =) ... my idea was to create a routine
that woud update by tics.... sound feasible ?

>We have a few test mobs that have created their own clan
> and seek to destroy those puny members of other clans.  *so far they do
> pretty good*.  They do everything from eating/sleeping to more complex
> group strategy fighting. It shouldn't be too bad to do this, though, it
> will slow your mud down, nothing significant, but it seems like I'm on a
> speed kick.  Good Luck.

That sounds cool :-)  DGScripts is great and would also be stuck in.


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