Re: Repeating prompts in zMUD

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 12/29/99

> Tell them why the problem occurs and how to fix it.

How can you tell them what their problem is though?  But up a text at the
Sex prompt that says , "If you see this twice then your Client's telnet
protocol is broken."?  Is there a way to pinpoint certain clients to tell
as not to annoy ALL the MUD players out there?  And how are they suppose to
fix it? Spam Zuggsoft?  Can they fix it themselves?  And it's not JUST
Zuggsoft..  Do we need to tall Rapscallion and Microsoft too?

The copy/paste I sent George when I noticed this problem was from the
telnet program from windows 98..  Anyway.  I don't know much so I'll shut
up now :)

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