Re: *Newbie Treatment*

From: Alex (
Date: 03/21/00

> One last suggestion,  If your not going to "have a heart" could you please
> put [FLAME] into the subject of your message so I can send it where it
> belongs, IN THE TRASH!
Two points of note here:

1) If you or anyone else (this includes Jeremy and Goerge too, no
   favouritism here) _ever_ sends a flame or anything that even
   remotely resembles one, you can consider yourself punted from the list.

2) If you are going to send a note to the list, please remove any
   irrelevant quoted material.  This includes sig files.  Also, please
   write your reply underneath the material you quote, because that allows
   the quoted material to provide a context for your response.

If you can't follow those two simple rules (or send HTML to the list),
then consider yourself punted.  My discretion.  I do _not_ need people
sending me notes pointing out that X flamed Y.  Those will _also_ get you

Have a nice day, please don't come again,


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